What is a typical session?

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) /Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) sessions are are focussed on the six processes of this model of therapy.

At the first session an assessment is carried out. The client is asked 'What do you want from our time here together?'
Brief details of the client are recorded.
Confidentiality is explained.
The process of therapy is explained.
The average number of session the client can expect to attend during the course of therapy is discussed.

At subsequent sessions a review of the process is done. This review involves asking the client's impression of proceedings so far, if they have any worries and if there are any questions they may like to ask. Clients are encouraged at all times to ask about the process.

Between therapy sessions clients are encouraged to practice the skills learned in the sessions. Between session work, is discussed at each session and 'blocks' are identified and resolved.
At the end of each session client and therapist do a review and a summary of what was achieved and what may need more work.
Finally the time and date of the next sessions is agreed.

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