Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is described as 'Third Wave' CBT and is spoken in a single word (ACT). This is a new and exciting approach to therapy. ACT is a scientifically based psychotherapeutic modality that is part of what is now called 'third wave' behaviour and cognitive therapy. (Hayes 2004) ACT is based on Relational Frame Theory (RFT) which a researched program on how the human mind works. (Hayes,Barnes-Holmes and Roche 2001). This research suggests that many of the tools we use to solve our problems can lead us into traps that create suffering.


ACT is delivered under the principal of the above processes.

Living in the present moment

this is a skill you will learn over the course of therapy, by practing mindfulness meditation. You will also learn awareness skills that can be used on a daily basis to bring you into the present moment. Awareness can be achieved in a few brief moments by learning to select and pay total attention to any of our five senses, plus our breath.

Acceptance of thoughts and feelings;

because we are human and alive we will always have thoughts and feelings. In therapy you will learn ways and means of experiencing these private events without attempting to change or avoid them. When we try to block out or try to change these 'private experiences' that is where the suffering starts.


is a practice you will learn, so that you can let go of the fight with unhelpful thoughts and distressing feelings.


is the 'you' that was and is always present here. Self-as-context defines the self as that stable, ever present part of you that the transient thoughts, emotions,body sensations and memories flow in and out of awareness.

Life values

are, "What do you want your life to mean to you?", "What do you want to stand for?" and "Have you unmet values?" A life value is best described as setting your compass to go west, then following that route as best you can for the rest of your life. Here the client is asked, "Who is important to you?", "What is important to you?" and "What do you want your life to mean to you?"

Commitment to ACT

means setting goals on a daily basis. Goals are value driven and life enhancing. Therapy is about change. that is why people come to therapy, so a clear and meaningful roadmap can be devised. Goals are set and acted on, so we can fulfill our heart's deepset desires/values.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is now recognised as an effective treatment for a wide range of human experiences such as;

If you have any family member that may need help with any of the above, there is no need to suffer or 'put up with' any distressing presentaions mentioned. Contact and discuss your needs with a competent CBT/ACT therapist.

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