Anger Management

Anger is a common enough emotion. It is like any other feeling or emotion except that if left untreated it can have serious consequences for the individual


Anxiety is an integral part of the human person. It is our radar and defence system.

Confidence and Assertiveness

Confidence is the ability to make our needs known in an a appropriate way in all situations


Depression is one the most common emotional health problems in contemporary society.

Emotional Regulation

Emotional dysregulation refers to the inability of a person to control or regulate their emotional responses.


MINDFULNESS is a mental state of awareness,openess and focus.


Relationships are the cornerstone and the binding factor of stable society.

Self Esteem

it is how we see and describe ourself from a cognitive point of view.

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CBT/ACT is a 'here and now' approach to psychological issues. The acceptance that the past cannot be changed and the future cannot be guaranteed with any great level certainty, make a 'here and now' approach more acceptable.This fact is emphasised in the therapy session.


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Micheal O'Leary specializes in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy(ACT). ACT is described as 'Third Wave' CBT and is spoken in a single word (ACT). This is a new and exciting approach to therapy. ACT is a scientifically based psychotherapeutic modality that is part of what is now called 'third wave' behaviour and cognitive therapy. (Hayes 2004) ACT is based on Relational Frame Theory (RFT) which a researched program on how the human mind works. (Hayes,Barnes-Holmes and Roche 2001). This research suggests that many of the tools we use to solve problems lead us into traps that create suffering.

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