MINDFULNESS is a mental state of awareness,openess and focus. When we are mindful, we are able to engage fully in what we are doing, let go of unhelpful thoughts, and act effectively without being pushed around by our emotions.(Russ Harris, The Confidence Gap 2010) Awareness is the skill of living in the present moment. moment to moment, breath by breath as we go through our day.

How can we reach this mental state of awareness? The simple answer is of course by practicing it, like any other skill we set out to master.The most important approach to learning mindfulness, is to take it in short practical periods of mindful meditation. It is recommended to approach this learning process with an open minded stance and without expectation.Starting with a 3-5 minute period once a day, when we are comfortable with these short sessions we can extend the time gradually until we reach our 'own' level of mindfulness. The following list of podcasts are highly recommended.

  • Sitting with the breath- Guided meditation with Lori Granger.
  • Mindscape Guided Meditation- Jon Kabat-Zinn.
  • Free Guided Meditation- Lori Granger.

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