The description; self esteem is self expanatory. It is exackly what it says.In simple terms it is how we see and describe ourself from a cognitive (thoughts) point of view. Self esteem can be present with many other life issues. It is most prominent with depressed clients. The following are a sample of unhelpful thoughts that show up in this category of presentation.

  • 'I'm useless'.
  • 'I'm a failure'
  • 'Everyone else is doing better than me'
  • 'I'm worthless'.
  • I'm pathetic'

So when we have these thoughts and believe them, is it any wonder we feel bad about ourselves? Thoughts like these when believed will always lead to painful feelings, feelings lead to behaviours, so a vicious cycle is established and will continue until we set about defusing from these unhelpful thoughts.


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is an ideal model of therapy for treating this condition.In therapy the client will learn to notice these thoughts when they arise. Thoughts like these are compared to clouds passing in the sky, The client will learn to gently let go of them by using a number of different defusion methods. For instance practicing awareness of any of our five senses and indeed our breath can 'take away the wind from the sail'. Once awareness is shifted from the unhelpful thought, that thought then 'slips away'.

If you or a family member or friend have some of thoughts like the ones listed above then you could choose to contact a CBT or ACT therapist. You don't have go through your life on a daily basis enteraining these thoughts.

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